Digital leadership experience.

Background in digital publishing across web and social media channels.


Deep knowledge of the fashion industry, lifestyle, culture and luxury sphere 


Entrepreneurial mind-set focused on growing a business with a commercial awareness and understanding of the digital audience needs.


Understanding of contemporary engagement and data metrics

and proven strategies to improve them. Experience using analytics digital tools.


Understanding of the Millennial and Luxury mind-set.


An in-depth knowledge of the end to end digital process

of content since the production to the innovative and

creative approach to business development.

Creative production & direction, from casting, location scout and

photographic direction.


A good network of personal contacts to designers, artists,

business leaders and influencers around the world.


Relentless curiosity about what is new and different

in the digital and fashion universe.


Easy management of the fast paced and dynamic digital environment. 

Passionate about technology.


Management of digital team in terms of creativity,

analytics, strategic and business.


Strong analytical and connecting dots mind-set with ability to interpret data.


Creative, experimental and innovative approach.


Ideas generator.


Strong visual communications for projects pitch and bring

creative solutions to life.


Self-confidence and maturity.


Mastery of social media channels and platforms.