Remember, there is a really big difference having an online business, to an online store. When launching a store there are a few things to take in mind, I am certain that if you keep on reading most of your doubts will be cleared off. Where to start from idea to business? Here is a simple story.

✦ What are you going to sell?
With Shopify you can sell any kind of products. Did you just publish an e-book? A digital product can also be something to be sold to the whole wide web market.

✦ Establish your prices
You can include taxes or VAT in the final price or charge it separately depending on the buyer's location.

✦ Photos of your products
This is an essential step. Showcasing your products in a manner that appeals to your brand's communication. Showing how your product looks like when in use, enables your customer to relate to it, details and close ups as well.

✦ Establish categories for your products
An online store is not a market. You can guide your customers through a visual journey of discovery.

How will I get paid?
There are several ways of receiving money from your sold products, like accepting credit and debit cards, PayPal, even cash on delivery. Cryptocurrencies can also be accepted through Shopify.

✦ Who does the shipping?
It depends on your business model, since drop shipping is also a possibility with Shopify. We highly recommend you take a look at Shipwire, they are excelling at helping you focus on selling not on shipping.

✦ How do I keep track of my sales and orders?
Shopify is a powerful and professional tool that will enable you to monitor all this and much more. They even have a trusty app, so you get a notification each time you sell something. Ding ding!


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