My name is Sofia.

I am a designer and consultant, natural born idea generator, and also... greyhound whisperer.

I am passionate about

helping you taking your ideas to reality. 

I have been building sites since

my early years;

internet is my second language.

I delved into design and eCommerce because

I myself ventured to

own my little corner on the web.

I put all my dreams into

one small yet meaningful project,

an online store back in 2010

(internet age makes everything so distant) 

Regardless of all my creativity, energy,

money and other important resources,

I failed...

Today... I see my failure as why

I do what I do so passionately today.

Help others succeed.

I want you to see come to life

your ideas and get excited

to run an online business.

Moreover, for the last years

I have been working with clients

which have succeeded in many ways

financial abundance 

publications and awards

brand recogniztion

loyal clients

and so many more factors...

I want to work with passionate

people as me

I want to get excited 

about your project with you.

So... what makes the difference?

Anybody can have

an online presence...

By focusing only on





and other artful ventures...

I bring to the table my experience

of working in the industry.

I specialize in creating tailor-made solutions

practical tools

meticulous details

and other surprizes

making your store a one-of-a-kind

for you stand out

giving you the right display on the internet,

one that speaks about who you are

and why you are of value.


So, you want to open your online store?


There is still a road to be paved.

I'll tell you why I only work with Shopify.

They have been around

since the wave of eCommerce entrepreneurs

took over the internet making a great tool

for anyone that wanted to sell online,

they offer a get-your-store-in-15min type of deal

and once you become familiar with the platform

the possibilities are endless.

The tailor-made solutions

for your online shop

are thought for

the vision of your brand in the market.

Our clients return each season

to rework or update their shops, 

to bring some newness to their shoppers.

With this said,

you can start today selling your products

or if your brand demands

a certain look and feel,

we can build a store from zero to every feature you always imagined.


Looking forward to hearing about your project! 



Read more about opening your Shopify here.

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