During my decade as a designer, I have seen so much emphasis on the visual looks when it comes to clothing, jewelry and of course beauty brands.

Big chunk of the budget is set to be spent on lookbooks and campaigns.

I know this for sure because I was once charged $3000 US dollars for one day of work with a well-known photographer... and the result was not what I wanted.

But the story is not about budgeting, that's another post: Be as frugal as possible.

Coming back to why product photos matter, even more than lookbooks and campaigns...

When you visitor is exploring your webshop, the product page is the one on one with the potential customer.

You won't be there to tell them why its a winner piece.

The photos besides expressing your unique style and story must convey the facts about the piece.

Is it adjustable or worn multi-way? Show it.

Is the material exceptional quality? Show it.

Is it your best-seller? Why not show where has it been published?

Is the piece one-of-a-kind? Show it.

The formula for a low rate of returns or exchanges greatly has to do with presenting the piece as honest as possible. 

I wouldn't advice to spend fortunes on retouching!

Present the piece in a manner that makes sense to the customer more than to you. The white backdrop is regularly chosen to show the features of your product. Remember to include multiple views: front, back, and details of the product.

Here are some examples: 

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