Remember those things called sitemaps at the bottom the website? Now we don't see them that often, and grand part is because our web experience navigation has been ingrained in our everyday life and how we use the internet. We know that the menu is on top and on the bottom of the site we may find in small letters rarely visited pages such as terms and conditions.

When building your website, you must keep in mind why you must include these seemly unnecessary pages. You want to include as much information as possible about you, the story of your brand, and how you deliver your products. The clearer this information is, the more likely it is your products will be sold. By doing this, you create certainty and reliability.

So, what to include in the menus?

Start by thinking in hierarchies. What do you want to show first? Place it on the top, a much visibility as possible. Categories of products is always a good idea to help your shoppers find items.


What goes in Header
  • Categories of products: New items, by size, by color, sale items.
  • About
  • Contact
  • Lookbook
  • Blog
What goes in Footer
  • FAQ
  • Social links
  • Shipping and delivery information
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions


 You can arrange all these links through the Navigation menu under Online Store

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