So, you have a jewerly brand and your are already selling your creations to more than just friends and family?

This post might be enlightening for you; jewelry sells.

Men and women purchase jewelry without double thinking. It's always the perfect gift, either from woman to woman, daughter to mother, son to mother, and of course the always desired situation from a man to his loved one.

I'll tell you why...

Gifting small, beautiful, thoughful artifacts dates back even before the Middle Ages. It's a prevailing ritual still present today

But, you are a jeweller, you know that already. Your pieces are significantly present during life events of your customers.

Online commerce for jewelry has proved to be a hit. Think about having a store open 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week. From the comfort of your office or home, you can order a special something for that special someone.

You don't even have to be in the same country!

Most of my clients are self-made designers and brand owners.

They have seen success in extending their offering through the internet. When I ask them what is their formula, they respond that being visible and having a nice storefront on the internet, helps their image very much.

Your job is to do design and create splendid earrings, showstopper chokers and necklaces, hand adorning rings and bracelets, you have even ventured to the body adornment pieces, right?

And there is a 100% chance you are using Instagram as your little corner on the internet market.

This means, you already have the product pictures by not even knowing. Today's trends is all about minimal, attainable images. One wants to relate to the brand in a personal way.

But handling orders though DMs must feel like a fulltime job.

Orders with Shopify are fulfilled by the platform. Payments are done by a third-party and you won't even hustle to verify that the money is on your side.

 Make it easy for you and your customer. Your corner on the internet can grow little by little. 

If you want to continue reading about what are the essentials as a jewelry store. Read here.

You already have the photos, the product description and you are ready to launch. Get the checklist here.


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