Privacy policy, terms and conditions, and conditions of the conditions

How much of these pieces of information matter on your website? How visible should they be? Am I legally protected?  

Understanding your web structure

Remember those things called sitemaps at the bottom the website? Now we don't see them that often, and grand part is because our web experience nav...

Using custom fonts

From basic to bold. Your comprehensive guide for font selection and use. I enlisted a couple of my favorites, free and paid typefaces to choose from. How to install on theme included.

Why product photos matter

Big chunk of the budget is set to be spent on lookbooks and campaigns. When you visitor is exploring your webshop, the product page is the one on one with the potential customer. You won't be there to tell them why its a winner piece.

Do you own a jewelry brand? This is a must read.

This post might be enlightening for you; jewelry sells. Most of my clients are self-made designers and brand owners. And there is a 100% chance you are using Instagram as your little corner on the internet market. But handling orders though DMs must feel like a fulltime job.

Choosing a pricing plan

When to grow up to Professional.

Lookbook production

What are the essentials for a lookbook photoshoot?

Selling leather products and other stories

Leather as a craft. Importance on photography. Be transparent, trace your goods, report back.

The natural (and organic) beauty products online success

Glossier case study and the online-only launch

Open your store in 23 minutes

If you have been thinking for a while that you could be a future owner of an online store, chances are you have already the product. Read along on how to build the bridge between you and your next customer.

How to configure your domain with Shopify

Your domain is your name on the internet, that's your URL. This means you must own one, perhaps you already have one. These have a .com ending or d...