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Ideas become projects. Projects become businesses.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur you know your website is your online storefront. It is key that your website makes a positive first impression through both design and functionality.

As an experienced Shopify Expert we can design and launch an easy-to-use and affordable online store just for you. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how painless building a website can be.

Certified Shopify Expert

As listed on Shopify's directory, the first woman Expert in The Netherlands, I have been able to reach a wider audience and cater clients from all over the world.

eCommerce is our specialty, growing side by side with Shopify. Offering an array of services and solutions with meticulous attention to detail and artful taste.


Privacy policy, terms and conditions, and conditions of the conditions

How much of these pieces of information matter on your website? How visible should they be? Am I legally protected?  

Understanding your web structure

Remember those things called sitemaps at the bottom the website? Now we don't see them that often, and grand part is because our web experience nav...

Using custom fonts

From basic to bold. Your comprehensive guide for font selection and use. I enlisted a couple of my favorites, free and paid typefaces to choose from. How to install on theme included.

This is us. Nice to meet you.

Sofia - Designer

Having worked in the Fashion industry for over a decade, and the skills acquired while working at Apple Mexico, Sofia is a digital native and has an eye for spotting digital trends. Whether it is physical or digital, she designs products and experiences that remain humanlike and attainable. 

Daniel - Designer

His background in Industrial design and his taste for techno, makes him a unique designer and our typeface guru. He guides brands into tasteful and effective visual communication solutions.

Raul - Developer

As a web developer, he is constantly adding new languages and skills to his stack. He wants to help brands to create successful digital products. His main goal is to offer a great UX and a strong relationship with the user.

Berenice - Content stategist

She has worked for companies with big names, handling social media and community culture. She is also held responsible for quirky copywriting and emoji lexicon. 

Aldo - Content Creator

He loves people and his passion is capturing the magic of our everyday. Photgraphy was his first language, he now speaks video and creates moving imagery for your social media.

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